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Global programme aimed at raising the profile of laboratory medicine.

Labs Are Vital is evolving … it’s a very exciting time for our program.

Founded in 2006 by Abbott Diagnostics, Labs Are Vital has grown around the world and achieved significant success. The team at Abbott, however, recognized last year that a new way of connecting the program to the community of lab professionals could build on its achievements—and take the program to a new level.

So, after extensive consultation, the Abbott leadership team has embarked with us—your representatives and professional bodies—on a positive transition, to pass ‘ownership’ of Labs Are Vital, and all that that means, to us.

Our four international organisations have signed an agreement, and have formed a members board to drive Labs Are Vital forward..

This new website will be a key part of our new program and shows clearly how we plan to develop. It is a community site and a community program. We are the people who can make the difference. We must rise to the challenges that face our profession.

We are pleased and proud to be the founding members of the new Labs Are Vital program; we hope that other professional bodies will join us, and that you will lend your support.

It is also important to note that, having transitioned the program to us, Abbott will remain in the background, as a sponsor. Further sponsors are being encouraged to contribute too.

Lab professionals are central to safe, effective patient care.”

Our goals remain the same: to communicate the essential contribution lab medicine makes to our healthcare system–emphasizing lab professionals as being central to safe, effective patient care; and raising the profile of lab medicine as an attractive career choice.

We aim to build a vibrant community, with people commenting on the posts that will appear here regularly, adding in their experience with no barriers of language or geography … supporters can leave comments in their own language–or suggest a discussion specific to (say) German labs in German language. It’s up to you …

Get involved, register as a supporter, have your say, share your experience, and spread the word.”

We are building a resource center too, a ‘toolbox’ full of material that can help as you promote the value of the laboratory and clinical medicine in your local area.

So, get involved, register as a supporter, have your say, share your experience, and spread the word … we want everyone to know … Labs Are Vital!

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